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Trucking bookkeeping is among the most crucial tasks of successful owner/operators. The records and receipts kept are utilized in some aspects of your business – income tax minimization and reporting, warranty problems, monthly profitability, and maintenance information, just to name a few.


Based on recent research performed in the United States, owner/operators who have an excellent record keeping system, observe their costs, and take advantage of financial statements earn on average $6,000.00 more than the ones who do not.

A successful business utilizes financial statements to observe costs, alert them to trends, forecast and budget, and for tax savings. Using the analogy that a business’s financial statements are like that of a scoreboard, would you go to a baseball, football, or hockey game which did not have a scoreboard? 


You would not because you need to know what’s going on all throughout the game. The same ought to be true for your business.

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