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QuickBooks Payroll System

Payroll computing can become a headache and very much time-consuming, too, if done manually. There are different expense heads, HR issues of various kinds, salary disbursement, and loans and advances to take care of, which is certainly not a simple thing to do. And, when it has errors, correcting them is one big problem to handle. A real help lies in the tools like QuickBooks Payroll System designed to keep the administrative and operational set-up of the organizations in mind. The best part is some of these payroll systems are open source, which means one can easily modify these tools and customize them according to their organization's requirements.

What is QuickBooks Payroll System?

Quickbooks Payroll System is a cloud computing software, web-based, having the virtues of flexibility and scalability to fit the needs of growing organizations and their related administrative requirements. This tool can be easily integrated with the accounting management system of the company.

Types of functions you can do with QuickBooks Payroll System

QuickBooks Payroll System offers support for doing various essential activities related to

employee management, such as:

  1. Management of employee profiles

Every employee is hired at a particular pay level. So, this can be updated on his records to find his salary payable amount. Secondly, the perks component differs according to the hierarchy levels too. All such changes require the HR executives and accounts department to have an employee-specific record maintained with them. Thus, the users of QuickBooks Payroll System can manage the employee profiles according to the method of payment, or payment schedule, and the salary due, as applicable to the employees.

2. Report generation of all activities done

The software eases the process of reporting all activities done on any employee record. It offers a self-manageable dashboard to the employees where the reports like salary slip, bonuses, loans and advances, and leave records are available at just a click to the employees. The users of this payroll system can refer to the reports relevant to them and use them according to their requirements. Thus, the HR department's work is reduced tremendously, which makes the employees in this line of work more available for other vital activities.

3. Expenses management

There are a variety of expenses that occur on a daily or periodic basis in an organization. The office premises are run with the help of various vendors who work to make the atmosphere easy to work for the inmates. Thus, the payroll system is used to account for all the expenses transparently. Whether it is tour or travel allowance required, the expenses of cab services, transportation, or the employees' petrol expenses, all these records can be maintained at one place in an easily retrievable manner in a Quickbooks Payroll System.

4. Assuring compliance with taxation structure

All the matters related to tax filing, tax payments, etc. are handled in strict compliance with the IRS, the U.S.-based taxation system. So, the payroll set-up, tax deductions, etc. are done transparent and regulations-compliantly using the payroll system.

Reach out to Falls Vital Account Services, who can help you with this tool to meet your organizational management objectives and get the operations managed more streamlined. The tool is advanced enough to help you with payroll system management in the best possible manner.

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Book Clean up Services:


I will find the errors in the books and clean them up. If the accounts have not been reconciliation in six months or less. Or if the books have not been updating with in the past 6 months or so. If is it longer than six months, it might begin necessary for you do download all the transaction to excel spread sheet from the bank and then I can start the clean up process at that time.

Provide Eight Reports:


Using QuickBooks Online I will provide the weekly report to the owner. Reports will be Balance Sheets, Profit and loss, Cash Flow statement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank and Credit Card Report last 30 days, Uncleared Transactions and Uncategorized income and uncategorized Expenses. I will set up the chart of accounts and maintain their books. I will provide them with eight reports on a weekly basis. I will explain the reports to the client so they will be able to understand what is going on. This is the top-of-the-line services that I going to offer to the client.

Balance Sheet: A report that consists of the asset’s accountant balances minus the liabilities and the owner equity or the shareholders equity.

Income Statement:  A report that gives your all the income the company minus all the expenses which the company had during in period of time. There are some expenses that was prepaid expenses which show up on the statement that was not paid with cash in that period of time.


Cash Flow Statement: This is a statement shows the cash inflows by the operation of the business and the investment income. The out of cash flow show the payment of the operations activities along with the investment in each period of time.

Accounts Payable Summary: This report shows the company owns money due. The time frame that the own amount is either current or past do and how far past due.

Accounts Receivable Summary: This report is important to you as an owner operator truckdriver because it show if one of your customer is failing behind on paying you.

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