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Are you a Small-Medium business looking to streamline your accounts? Manage all your financials in one place and make it as easy as it can be! Get a professional accountant's help to bookkeep, sort, organize, analyze, file tax, and audit your data.


Stay at Home and Stay Sorted!

Even the most necessary of tasks are being postponed or canceled in the times of this pandemic afflicting the globe. Ensure that you do not expose yourself for something that can easily be handled from your house's comfort and safety.


Professional Advice to Save a Deal!

Using the self-tax software, accounting applications, and tax filing tutorials may help you do it all by yourself. Still, professional advice can save you effort, time, hassle, and, most importantly, your assets by giving valuable advice on evading what you are eligible for, minimizing your tax liabilities while maximizing your return on investment (ROI).



Hi, I am Russ Falls, and I am here to offer a completely virtual financial service!

Bringing my expertise and experience in income tax filing, bookkeeping, accounting, and QuickBooks online to the table, I can handle your accounts virtually and reliably.





Focus on what matters the most!

Your business needs the most of your time. Save your time and leave all the math to me! 

I Offer Personalized Virtual Financial Services – bringing accounting and tax services to your screens!






My Financial Services

Efficient, Reliable , Compliant


  • Tax Service Preparation

Based in California, I can handle the Tax Service Preparation anywhere in the USA except in New York and Oregon.

Using self-tax software may get tricky and lacks the experience and insights a professional financial expert or a tax person can help you with. Getting expert help for filing taxes can help you find ways to minimize your tax returns while staying legally compliant.

I am accomplished in filing Individual returns; however, given due time, I can also furnish the business returns compliantly and efficiently.


  • QBO Accounting & Book Keeping

My expertise in accounting and bookkeeping services is Quickbooks Online- a software for account management. If you are a small to medium business enterprise and use QBO, I can help with the professional accounting and auditing of your accounts to manage your data efficiently and seamlessly. I can help analyze and use your data for future decision making and business development.

A professional accountant like me can help you make the most of this software without you having to worry about your account management.

Special Offer Option

  • Pay for the return later: I offer my clients the option to pay for their returns later though the Medabank and they also offer loans up to $1250.00 with no interest. Loans up to $ 6000.00 with interest.

  • Add on

If you choose this option, an additional $39.95 fee for 1st deposit, and $12.00 fee for 2nd deposit fee with the option of Direct Deposit for the distribution of their money.



The other option for you is to pay the tax prep fee once I am done with the return and I will submit the return e-file the same day. You can then get your return between 8 to 21 days once the return has been accepted. You can either have the direct deposit or IRS check mail to you. It you have a debit card I need the routing number of the account number to do that.  

My tax prep fees start out at $100.00 and goes up to 375.00 for federal individuals returns. Individuals state returns are $30.00.  I do accept credit cards or e-check for payment for my fees. 

Personalize my services according to your business needs!

I am here to sort out your financial matters.

Let's Talk!


Book Clean up Services:


I will find the errors in the books and clean them up. If the accounts have not been reconciliation in six months or less. Or if the books have not been updating with in the past 6 months or so. If is it longer than six months, it might begin necessary for you do download all the transaction to excel spread sheet from the bank and then I can start the clean up process at that time.

Provide Eight Reports:


Using QuickBooks Online I will provide the weekly report to the owner. Reports will be Balance Sheets, Profit and loss, Cash Flow statement, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Bank and Credit Card Report last 30 days, Uncleared Transactions and Uncategorized income and uncategorized Expenses. I will set up the chart of accounts and maintain their books. I will provide them with eight reports on a weekly basis. I will explain the reports to the client so they will be able to understand what is going on. This is the top-of-the-line services that I going to offer to the client.

Balance Sheet: A report that consists of the asset’s accountant balances minus the liabilities and the owner equity or the shareholders equity.

Income Statement:  A report that gives your all the income the company minus all the expenses which the company had during in period of time. There are some expenses that was prepaid expenses which show up on the statement that was not paid with cash in that period of time.


Cash Flow Statement: This is a statement shows the cash inflows by the operation of the business and the investment income. The out of cash flow show the payment of the operations activities along with the investment in each period of time.

Accounts Payable Summary: This report shows the company owns money due. The time frame that the own amount is either current or past do and how far past due.

Accounts Receivable Summary: This report is important to you as an owner operator truckdriver because it show if one of your customer is failing behind on paying you.

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