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Russ Falls

Hi, I am Russ Falls, and I am here to offer a completely virtual financial service!

Bringing my expertise and experience in income tax filing, bookkeeping, accounting, and QuickBooks online to the table, I can handle your accounts virtually and reliably.

Financial Service


Focus on what matters the most!

Your business needs the most of your time. Save your time and leave all the math to me! 

I Offer Personalized Virtual Financial Services – bringing accounting and tax services to your screens!

The other option for you is to pay the tax prep fee once I am done with the return and I will submit the return e-file the same day. You can then get your return between 8 to 21 days once the return has been accepted. You can either have the direct deposit or IRS check mail to you. It you have a debit card I need the routing number of the account number to do that.  

My tax prep fees start out at $100.00 and goes up to 375.00 for federal individuals returns. Individuals state returns are $30.00.  I do accept credit cards or e-check for payment for my fees. 

Personalize my services according to your business needs!

I am here to sort out your financial matters.

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